The communities

Alto Huayabamba

Located in the Alto Huayabamba region, in the Peruvian Amazonia, the Acopagro cooperative has grouped more than 1200 small producers of cocoa and sugar cane....

  • Created since : 21/04/2010
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  • Location : South America, Peru
  • Members : 24

Dhamma Rakhsa

Dhamma Rakhsa, nature is a remedy Dhamma Rakhsa is a consortium of forest preservation and reforestation projects in Thailand, developed by the Pur Projet initiative and working alongside four organic and fairtrade cooperatives of small rice producers...

  • Created since : 27/10/2011
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  • Location : Asia, Thailand
  • Members : 1

Forest Corridor Pedra Talhada

The Pedra Talhada Biological Reserve was created by the Brazilian government in 1989 together with Nordesta, with the aim of preserving one of the last areas of primary forest in north-east Brazil....


Martin Sagrado

The Martin Sagrado project is a collective project, which aims to make of the Martin Sagrado reserve a model in terms of community forest conservation combined with agro-forestry and agro-ecological techniques, and showing the relationship between water,...

  • Created since : 27/10/2011
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  • Location : South America, Peru
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