Welcome ! I’m Forest’Oh !

I will be your friend, I will play with you and make you discover the universe of trees and forests.

My creators, The Tree Hub, have designed different games to make you sensitive to issues linked to trees and forest, while having fun !


Discover the firms who launched their Facebook campaigns with The Tree Hub. By doing a Facebook campaign these firms commit to one of our community projects.

But it’s also about games : the cultissime Memory, many quizzes, contests…

Jump on that opportunity to learn more about these firms who distinguish themselves through their responsible and sustainable approach, while entertaining yourself and winning gifts !


Plant your trees and take care of their growth in the Forest’Oh! Land game nursery.

Then, transfer your trees to a virtual forest. Start your own forestry project or take part in community projects !

Try to develop the biggest and most beautiful forest, play with your famly, friends, colleagues, and make new friends as well…


Are you a Facebook member ? Come play and challenge your friends on the Facebook Forest’Oh! apps.

4 games will gradually bring you to protect your forest :

  • Start by growing your tree as fast as possible with the game Pump
  • Next, protect it with the game Protect
  • Then, purify the air with the game Breathe
  • Finally, defend your tree with the game Defense

Are you a fan of the iPhone ? Discover Super Forest’Oh !, a tower defense game, actually a « tree defense » game where your role consists in helping Forest’Oh! to fight against varied dangers : insects, bulldozers…

Moreover, the Facebook and iPhone games allow you to accumulate credits that you can then use in Forest’Oh! Land.

You have the option to buy credits in Forest’Oh! Land or game levels in Super Forest’Oh!. The funds raised will be invested in our local and international community projects. To know more about it, visit the section About us.

Did you win a tree ?

You got this little magic card ? Then don’t wait any longer and go find out if you have won one of the 100 trees in play !