Photo Contest "Nature in all its forms!"

Concours Photo : La Nature dans tous ses états


Take part in our photo contest « Nature in all its forms! »

From May 25 to June 23 2015


The Tree Hub® is celebrating its 5th anniversary! We have prepared a special event for this occasion as a tribute to the nature that we so desperately want to preserve. You have until June 23 2015 to take part in our photo contest « Nature in all its forms! ».


Description of the photo contest


You can post a photo on the website of the photo contest organised by The Tree Hub® between May 25 and June 23 2015. During this period of time, the public will vote for the best photo on the website of the contest. The winning photos will be chosen according to the votes of the public and the decision of the panel.


How to take part?


Simply follow these 4 steps:

  1. 1- Go to the website of the photo contest.
  2. 2- Sign in or join the The Tree Hub® platform.
  3. 3- Post a photo that you have taken, in digital form, that is related to the topic of the contest.
  4. 4- Confirm your participation and share it on your social network to attract the greatest number of votes from the public.


Presentation of the panel


The participants need to have taken the photos (see Rules of the contest). To ensure the fairness of the contest, a panel will analyse the ranking of the winners that the public has chosen.

  • David RICHARDS, co-founder of IMNERGY, will judge the originality of the photos and their respect with regards to the spirit of The Tree Hub®.
  • Jonathan GUYOT, forest engineer and nature photographer, will judge the relevance of the photos with respect to the topic chosen.
  • Julien Gérard, professional photographer and traveling reporter, will judge the photos from a technical perspective (display, framing...), providing its expertise on the matter.


Contest prizes

The first 100 participants will receive a code to send a personalised postcard (Mopiti). According to the ranking*, the Winners will receive the following prices:

  • 1st prize (1 winner): a pair of wooden sunglasses (In'Bô)
  • 2nd prize (10 winners): an organic and fairtrade t-shirt « We are Yucatan Forest » (Mr Poulet)
Jouer au Quiz

Please read the Rules of the contest and our Privacy Policy.

We double or triple the prizes!


Because we do not celebrate our 5th anniversary every day, we will provide many more prizes if the number of fans in our Facebook page increases before June 23 2015!

  • If we reach 2000 fans, we will double the amount of prizes (x2)
  • If we reach 2500 fans, we will triple the amount of prizes (x3)