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Plant a Tree

International Day of the Forests

As part of the International Earth Day, IMNERGY launches a contest of type "Quiz" a great way for you to test your knowledge while trying to win one of our great prizes!

To increase your chances of winning, here's a hint size: read our latest news and become a fan of our Facebook Page, the answers are already there ... !

What can you win?

1st and 2nd place: our t-shirt bio "We are Yucatan" in partnership with Monsieur Poulet


your Impact, our Energy

Forest Corridor Pedra Talhada

NGO solidarity,

entreprise spirit

This IMNERGY's motto. On the one side we support, develop and evaluate community projects in the field of environment, social economy and fair trade. On the other, we offer companies services to enhance their sustainability commitments .

Every business has its own objectives and means. We cater to companies that want to maximize the IMPACT of their social and environmental commitment. Thus, we offer services that integrate as much as possible into existing corporate budgets: marketing, communication, training, etc. We have one basic principle across all services: the price of the service is "converted" into planted trees in one of our projects. The more trees you plant, the greater your impact.

We offer for example :

Conferences for your employees, customers or other stakeholders, based around the theme of social impact projects and carbon offsetting.

Marketing campaigns to increase your visibility and social media presence. These can take the form of a game, quiz or contest .

Promotional items ("goodies") from many origins: fair trade, wood, local, international, with or without logo (ours and / or yours)

In return for your contribution , we provide our ENERGY to highlight your commitment and support our clients projects on the ground .


your Impact, our Energy

Plant a Tree