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Charity Challenge: “Walk for a Cause”


For the first A2Bplus event, we have set up two Challenges:

  1. Work & Health: currently 1500€ available for charities
    1. Walk or Run 30 consecutive minutes
    2. Anytime between 11:00-14:00, Monday to Friday from November 4th to 15th
    3. The Minimum Objective is to do it at least 3 times during those 10 days
      1. 3x30 minutes = 3 “Votes”
      2. Up to 10x30 minutes = 10 “Votes” + a special price for a couple of special people!
  2. Sports & Leisure: currently 1500€ available for charities
    1. Walk or Run at least 5km (consecutively)
    2. Any time, Any day from November 4th to 17th
    3. As soon as you do it once, you get a “Vote”, and you can do it up to 14 times (once every day!). The more the better! Every completion = 1 extra “Vote”
  • You don’t need to sign up to a Challenge, all you need to do is launch the App when you Start an activity and Stop it when you finish. You will then be told if the activity met the Challenges’ eligibility criteria (time or distance).
  • You can compete in both challenges, there are no restrictions.
  • You can even complete both challenges with one activity!

Why Should You Participate?

Besides the ability to decide which charity should be funded, there are multiple reasons for you to want to participate in this challenge. Physical activity, around 30 minutes a day, can have multiple benefits, such as reduced heart attacks, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Additionally, physical activity also benefits mental health, raises energy levels and improves sleep. What’s 30 minutes out of your lunch break?

How Do You Participate?

  1. Download the A2Bplus App on the AppStore or on the Play Store
  2. Login using your company e-mail address (if you want, you can also use a general address and indicate your work email as a secondary address)
  3. Make sure you have (accepted) Location and Data Roaming turned on
  4. Start the Activity (press “Start” with the walking/running icon selected)
  5. Do your activity and don’t forget to press “Stop” at the end. If you walked/ran at least 30 minutes OR you walked/ran at least 5km, the system will remember it for you

(note: you are always notified that Location tracking is active until you Stop the App)

  • At the end of the Challenge (November 15th or 17th), depending on how successful you were in completing the Challenges’ objectives, you will receive a proportional part of the Sponsors’ funding to be distributed to the Charity of your choice

What is A2Bplus?

The A2Bplus App is here to encourage alternative mobility, such as walk/run/bike, through financial incentives. We believe that each individual should be free to choose the most appropriate mobility depending on the situation, while understanding that a little help can sometimes make the difference in favour of walking, running or biking. Coupled with the additional health benefits of physical activities, alternative mobility has never looked more enticing.

Here’s our first Challenge for you: physical activity while giving back to local charities. In other words, you complete the Challenge, and YOU get to decide to which charity our Sponsors’ money goes to. When you reach the Challenge minimum objective, you get a “Vote”. The more you exceed the minimum objective, the more votes you get.

Charity Choice:

  • List to be announced soon
  • However if you have one in mind, tell us about it and we can look into it!

Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

Contact us:

  • Alex: +352 671 883 710
  • David: +352 691 946 264
  • contact@a2bplusl.com
  • www.A2Bplus.com

Available now on AppStore - Click ->

Also available on Google Play