Plant a tree with us !

Meso Impact Finance is more than just finance ...

Our Objective

Generating profit and measurable benefits for our society

The notion that the success of an investment should be measured by financial return alone has always been contested and has been more hotly disputed in the wake of the financial crisis. Specifically, there is a growing belief in certain financial and political circles that investments should be judged by their ability to generate both a profit and a positive social impact. The innovative methodology used by mesoIMPACTFinance provides an analytical framework for impact investing which could measure both financial and social impact.

Our Solution

Directing investment capital to sustainable SME businesses

Finding a way to meet those needs without exhausting our resource base is imperative. Everywhere, creative, passionate entrepreneurs are working towards innovative market solutions and new business models that can provide better living conditions for local communities and preserve critical ecosystems. mesoIMPACTFinance aims to direct mid- to long-term investment capital – including purchase of fixed assets, expansion financing, working capital and seed money – to these sustainable businesses that support livelihoods, mitigate climate change and develop social and environmental services.

Innovative Investment Opportunity

Human being and Earth are our most important asset. With increasing poverty and challenges arising from an ever larger world population, the requirements for food security and renewable resources to cover even basic human needs is intensifying. The challenges we are facing today can no longer been solved with a purely philanthropic approach.

Projet Maya (Nukuch K'a'ax)


Plant a tree with us !

Meso Impact Finance is more than just finance ...